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Balance and restore your skin with Rich Look by RICHES © cleanser, a unique formula for most skin types.   Using amethyst, pearl and precious elixirs that support the regeneration of skin cells.  Rich Look © draws out impurities like free radicals that speed along the aging process. The four ginsengs: American, Chinese, Korean, and Siberian encourage skin renewal and refreshment. Our powerful anti-aging stem cell complex includes: sequoia young shoots, black currant bud, rosemary bud and oak bud. Your skin will be left feeling soft and energized with a bright, fresh, healthy-looking complexion, making you the envy of all your friends.



Apply a small amount of Rich Look by RICHES © cleanser to your damp skin. Gently massage it evenly into your face and neck for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, patting dry.


Apply this particular product both morning and evening.

Rich Look

SKU: 0006
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