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                            ABOUT US

Riches, Inc. is a private label manufacturer and premium skincare brand headquartered in Los Angeles County, California, specializing in high-quality skincare products, created by world-renowned formulators.

                          OUR MISSION

“We believe age is just a number, and your fullest potential has yet to come. It starts with the foundation, and Riches is certified and committed to providing innovative solutions that further advance personal care, anti-aging, and natural well-being. It is our mission to help you enhance your overall skin quality to sustain a richly-natural and healthy glow each day.”

                          THE PROCESS


Riches formulates to refine and nourish the skin through Cold Processing and the use of natural remedies such as Gemstone Elixirs and Stem Cell Therapy. Info is available below. 


Cold Processing is the process of mixing product ingredients together using extremely low to no heat during manufacturing. This process preserves and protects nutrients and active ingredients including: stem cells, vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, amino acids, and growth factors. The nutrition in our products are full spectrum. Riches skincare line has everything you need to encourage youthful looking skin. RICHES strives for our products to be nourishing for your skin and good for your body.


Gemstone Elixirs have been used for centuries for their healing and nurturing abilities. They benefit the skin with their high vibrational, as well as physical, and mineral properties. Gemstones are a precious stone, and elixirs benefit the skin the way a traditional mineral springs soak would. Diamonds and pearls are used for both pigmentation and anti-aging. They are perfect for toning and reviving the skin. Gold assists in cellular turnover and boosts blood flow, but is also anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. We put our heart and soul into choosing Gemstones and Elixirs filled with health-giving properties and nutrients that your skin and body crave. 


Stem Cell Therapy for skin involves using a full spectrum of Plant Stem Cells, also known as Gemmotherapy, the process of deriving from specific trees and shrubs, the part of the plant that contains the most potent healing properties. Cleansing with Plant Stem Cells encourages the renewal of aging or damaged skin. Gemmotherapy in skincare is a modern method of draining the skin of toxins. It involves using very young parts of plants such as the buds or other embryonic plant tissues to stimulate elimination of toxic compounds by opening cellular detoxification pathways. This provides several benefits for skincare:

  • Rejuvenates skin tissue, cells, and stimulation of blood and lymph activities while delivering antioxidants in  the system​

  • Detoxifies and releases toxins on a cellular level; also drains and stimulates the removal of toxins

  • Nourishes and delivers a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and more

  • ​Regenerates dying cells and oxygenates your cells while diminishing the effects of aging

  • Repairs RNA, restores, and harmonizes normal skin function


                                                  QUALITY ASSURANCE

Riches, Inc. is cruelty-free and perfectly suitable for all skin types. We aim to please. The best part about our treatments is that there’s no time release – meaning our formulas work actively and effectively, keeping your skin looking flawless from day to night!

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