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Detoxify and renew your skin with Powerhouse Stem Cell by RICHES © with this highly effective stem cell serum.  This rejuvenating and age rewinding formula is made by European Gemmotherapy and utilizes the Mediterranean plant bud Cedar of Lebanon, which is renowned regenerating the skin. Charged with a special stem cell complex: sequoia young shoots, black currant bud, rosemary bud and oak bud. This velvety smooth serum encourages skins natural collagen-elastin and brings facial definition into a new youthful appearance, turning back the hands of time.



After cleansing apply Powerhouse Stem Cell ©. Gently spread 1 to 2 pumps evenly over your face and neck to release the active ingredients. Let dry then apply completely, following with Ever Moist ©.


Apply this particular product both morning and evening.


Powerhouse Stem Cell

SKU: 0005
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