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Glycolic Richè

Renew damaged facial skin with Glycolic Richè by RICHES © lifting dead skin cells, peeling them from the outermost layer to reveal clearer, younger looking skin. The hydroxy acids in this age defying serum encourages new skin growth, assisting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Our powerful anti-aging stem cell complex includes: sequoia young shoots, black currant bud, rosemary bud and oak bud. This complex formula supports your skins natural collagen-elastin and brings facial definition into a new youthful appearance, turning back the hands of time.



After cleansing your skin, apply Glycolic Richè © in the evening. Gently spread evenly over your face and neck to release the active ingredients. Avoid the skin area around the eyes to steer clear of irritation. Let dry then apply our moisturizer, Ever Moist ©.


Apply this particular product in the evening only.

glycolic richè
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