Riches: Cleanse and Purify Hand Sanitizer is a smooth, scent-free anti-bacterial gel that is formulated to improve the skin's overall condition while actively killing germs, viruses, and other infectious agents.


The base is made of soothing organic aloe gel and contains 70% alcohol content, blended with other natural essential ingredients such as colloidal silver which is highly regarded for boosting the immune system as well as fighting bacteria and viruses. This powercleaner is perfect for a fast and effective safe application without the use of water or towels. Cleanse and Purify leaves the hands feeling refreshed without a sticky residue, and does not dry the hands as much as soaps.


Get yours now as this product comes in a convenient 2oz travel size which includes a small mataphysical gift from Riches, and a standard 8oz option for a longer-lasting supply. Both items are available for bulk ordering in increments of 10. All orders exceeding 20 items will automatically receive 10% off total purchases. Stay fresh and stay clean!

Cleanse and Purify Hand Sanitizer


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